Cosmetic Dentistry


Get a perfect smile you always desired.

Zoom 2 Tooth Whitening

This is a fast way to whiten your teeth. In just about 45 minutes, this safe and effective system will provide you the instant results upto an average of eight shades. It is basically a bleaching process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin. A specially designed light activates the Zoom! Whitening Gel to gently break down stains on your teeth to put the sparkle back in your smile. Also with the new Zoom2 system, the patient experience up to 67% less sensitivity than with the previous Zoom! System and is the safest procedures performed under our able & trained team. Pregnant women & children under 13 are not advised for this treatment.

Reasons of tooth discoloration

There are many reasons out of which the most common is aging and consumption of staining substances such as coffee, tea, colas, tobacco, red wine, etc. During tooth formation, consumption of tetracycline, certain antibiotics or excessive fluoride may also result in tooth discoloration.

How many people get their teeth Whitened?

More than you might even think of. A bright sparkling smile makes a big difference for everyone’s appearance.

How long will After-Whitening teeth stay whiter ?

If you follow some simple tips on After-whitening care, your teeth will always be lighter than before. To keep your teeth look better, flossing, brushing twice daily, regular dental cleanings and occasional touch-ups are advised. Professional formula products designed specifically to keep your teeth sparkling are provided by us.

One or a combination of more procedures will have to be executed for Cosmetic dentistry to avail you PERFECT &HAPPY SMILE.

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

If you desire a brighter smile you can opt for Whitening of the teeth. Reduction of discoloration and staining is performed to provide the patient with whiter, brighter teeth.

Chair side and home bleaching options are available for the patients interested in getting a whiter shades for their teeth. Bleaching the teeth at the clinic takes about 40mins whereas the home bleach can be used on a custom made tray made to fit the teeth to be used at night. The strength of the bleach used determines the duration of the tray to be kept in the mouth. Bleaching does not result in permanently white teeth. Placement of Veneers can be opted if one wants to have a more lasting whitening result.

We can lighten your stains and brighten your smile through tooth-whitening treatment resulting in elimination of discolouring on teeth.

Two ways can be used for tooth whitening. One, Get customised bleaching trays made by us and use bleaching gels in the comfort of your home till you get the desired tooth colour. Two, opt for Clinic bleaching which requires your visit for whitening sessions mostly 2 sittings based on the whiteness you desire.

Discoloration of a Tooth

Tooth enamel discoloration can be caused by staining, aging, or chemical damage to teeth and the common causes of discoloration are coffee, tea, cigarettes or medications. Drinking more cola soft drinks can also result in staining and Damage to the root may result to discoloration.