Preventive Dentistry

A thorough oral examination, evaluation of your dental history and necessary X-rays are taken in the first appointment. The diagnosis done on the basis of this three factors. If a crown or bridge treatment is necessary for you, then a further series of appointments will be scheduled for you.

Your treatment needs a planned procedure so Missing or Delaying your appointment may cause treatment break, resulting in further tooth shift before treatment gets completed.

The tooth or teeth to be treated are numbed with an anesthetic. Sometimes you may even fell the side of your face numb. During the preparation period, your tooth or teeth to be crowned will be trimmed down. This facilitates enough space to fit the crown or bridge. After this preparation is completed, an impression of that area of your mouth is taken. Your teeth will be fitted with temporary coverage till your next appointment.

At the following appointment, the crown or bridge is adjusted for proper fit, prior to permanent placement. It is often necessary to fine trim and polish the new crown or bridge.

Other aspects that we take care of are the

  • Appearance & Matching of colour
  • Chewing and Biting accuracy
  • Tissue compatibility- the contour of the prosthesis must allow the surrounding tissue to conform to a natural, healthy position.