Root Canal

Tooth decay, trauma or cracks can cause the nerves of teeth to die. Despite this the tooth can most of the times be saved with root canal treatment. The signs of root canal problem are Darkening tooth, Sensitivity to hot / cold, Pain, Swelling, appearance of a pimple or fistula in the gum etc. The pain shall be terminated with this treatment. Apart from this symptoms a tooth may need RCT even without any pain if there is any severe damage to the nerve resulting loss of pain. RCT may be used to prevent the spread of infection, asymptomatically, in the surrounding jawbone.

The primary function of RCT is to remove diseased tissue & bacteria from within the tooth & to fill the internal hollow root completely and can be fulfilled through many techniques. This treatment is painfree if executed properly and performed in time ie before it’s too late. You should not wait until you have a severe pain, just drop in as soon as you think that your tooth is becoming more symptomatic.